A dosimetric Study in sub-cellular level on the effect of nanoparticles on absorbed dose in thyroid cells for Auger electrons

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Targeted Auger electron therapy is a promising strategy that aims to deposit DNA-damaging radiation selectively while sparing normal cells. according to their low range, subcellular localization of Auger-emitters becomes crucial. Auger electrons can be produced directly by Auger emitters or by using an external beam interacting with a contrast agent. usually, Gold nanoparticles are used as contrast agents. nanoparticles can also enhance the absorbed dose and can be used as radiopharmaceuticals carriers too. in this study, a previously constructed model of thyroid follicle was used. 131I, 123I, and 125I were chosen as sources, and Nanoparticles (Nps) were defined in the media and their dose enhancement factor in subcellular level was calculated. results showed when the source is located in the nucleus itself, S values increase with a factor of 9.57 when Np’s concentration is 50 mg/g.
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