Calculation of absorbed dose of stomach tumor labeled with gold and silver nanoparticles using Geant4

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Cancer is one of the main leading causes of death in the modern world and researchers are focusing on finding new methods of diagnostics of cancer and selective therapy. Using ionizing radiations is one of the most effective methods to kill cancerous tumors. Due to increasing deposited energy and magnifying direct damage to the tumor, the use of high-Z nanoparticles in cancer diagnostics and therapy has been increasing. In this work we based on the Monte Carlo simulation toolkit, Geant4, investigated the local dose enhancement caused by adding gold and silver nanoparticles in a gastric adenocarcinoma tumor tissue. The simulations were carried out for 45-110 photon energies and with gold and silver nanoparticles at 1, 2, and 3 wt% in an adenocarcinoma tumor. The highest dose increase factor was reported for gold nanoparticles in the energy of 90 keV and silver nanoparticles in the energy of 45 keV
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