A simulation study on the positron emitters production for various organs in proton therapy of Brain tumor

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عنوان دوره: اولین دوره بین المللی و بیست و هشتمین دوره ملی (1400)
In cancer treatment with ionizing radiation, proton therapy is known as highly efficient treatment strategy due to the physical properties of protons interaction with cancer cell and normal surrounding organs considering Bragg curve concept. While protons are irradiating as therapeutic beam, positron emitters are produced on the beam path length through nuclear reactions inside patient body. In this study, a virtual head phantom with different materials has been simulated in front of Spread Out Bragg Peak of proton beam by means of Monte Carlo FLUKA code. In this simulation, the isotopes which have the most impact on positron emitters production are measured, quantitatively in proton therapy of Brain tumor. The main focus is to investigate the effects of proximal tissues along with the beam trajectory such as Skull bone on isotope producing, in a comparative fashion.
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