Evaluation of the secondary particles and prompt gamma production for proton range monitoring

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In proton therapy, due to the high energy of the proton beam, different isotopes, neutrons, and photons are produced. In this paper, we evaluate the proton dose profile and secondary particle distribution (such as 11C, 15O, and neutrons), along with the prompt gamma distribution produced in the interaction of proton beams with energies of 75, 125, and 200 MeV with a PMMA phantom by simulation of the interaction process with the GATE Monte-Carlo code. The simulation results show that neutrons emission peaks ahead of the Bragg peak. On the other hand, the spatial distribution of the secondary particle distributions demonstrated that both prompt-gamma and positron emitter radionuclides have good correlation with proton dose distribution, then can be used for proton range evaluations by dedicated imaging systems.
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