The internal pickling of Zr-1%Nb cladding tubes to enhance the dimentions control and surface quality

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عنوان دوره: اولین دوره بین المللی و بیست و هشتمین دوره ملی (1400)
The internal surface quality of cladding tubes and also, the proper gap between the inside-diameter of Zr-Nb 1% nuclear fuel cladding tubes and uranium dioxide pellet, outer-diameter are the important factors regarding the pellet-clad mechanical interaction, corrosion and heat transfer in the fuel rods. One approach to attain the proper gap is by obtaining the correct inside-diameter of the cladding tubes, which is close to the design nominal diameter. Hence. A novel pickling system based on the flowing the specified pickling solutoin in the cladding tube was considered. The results show the suitable dimentions control with small variation, and the enhancement of the surface quality. Also, the effect of the suggested pickling on the fluoride surface compared to the common immersion pickling, display the lower fluoride adsorption. So, the operation of the internal pickling system is promosing for economical and large scale production.
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