Fully implicit numerical simulation of subcooled flow boiling in a vertical channel using higher order schemes

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In this paper, a numerical method for unsteady subcooled flow boiling based on the quasi-homogeneous flow model (QHFM) is presented. Finite volume techniques based on the staggered mesh are used for spatial discretization and ESDIRK scheme is administered to achieve arbitrary high order of temporal accuracy. The nonlinear equations are solved by the Newton-Krylov method. To validate the method, the predicted results are compared with the experimental data and a good agreement is found between the results. The numerical results show that the use of higher order schemes leads to more accurate consequences. Also for each scheme, the smaller the time step the more accurate the predicted results. The effect of using higher order methods in reducing the cost of computations was investigated and we found that the cost of computation significantly reduced using the ESDIRK schemes.
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