Synthesis of hydroxyapatite through a solid-state reaction method and study of its thermoluminesence dosimetric properties against gamma rays

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In this research work, powder hydroxyapatite samples were synthesized using a solid-state reaction method to investigate the annealing effect. The crystal structure was carried out by XRD system produced data, and the Rietveld method using MAUD software. The samples were irradiated in different radiation absorbed doses up to 1500Gy and their thermoluminescence properties including glow curve, response, fading effect and reproducibility were investigated from dosimetry point of view. The results showed that the annealing temperature significantly affects the crystal structure and thermoluminescence dosimetry response of hydroxyapatite samples, consequently. It was concluded that high temperature annealing process can lead to formation of β-TCP crystal phase during the synthesis of hydroxyapatite. Percentage of this formed phase increases with rising the temperature, and finally leads to increasing of the thermoluminescence response.
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