Modeling and simulation of dielectric barrier discharge with CF4 etching gas by Comsol Multiphysics

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In nuclear waste management problems, removing radioactive contaminants from various components before the final waste disposal is difficult. Recently, plasma cleaning or etching techniques have been considered to remove contaminated used nuclear instruments and equipment. Molar value measurement of Fluorine ions in plasma formed with CF4 etching gas and optimizing parameters experimentally is not economical, so simulations will be useful and cost-effective. In this study, the influence of distance between electrodes, temperature and dielectric thickness on fluorine ion molar changes in CF4 plasma was investigated. Also, when the arc length increases, there is an optimum value for fluorine ion amount. This is the optimal value at a voltage of ~600 V with a dielectric thickness of 1(mm) and a temperature of 600 (° K) and Arc length equal 2 (cm).
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