Thermal-hydraulic Analysis of irradiation capsule of TRR fuel test loop

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Due to the importance of performing irradiation tests on domestic fuels, in this study the thermal-hydraulic analysis of an irradiation capsule, which has been designed to perform irradiation tests on three sample fuel rods in Tehran reactor test loop under thermal-hydraulic conditions that fuels will face in main reactor core, is accomplished. In spite of common thermal-hydraulic codes in nuclear industry such as COBRA-EN, Fluent software has the capability to simulate the cylindrical geometry of sample fuel rods within irradiation capsule and the rectangular geometry of fuel plates adjacent to the capsule in Tehran research reactor core, simultaneously. In present study we applied this capability to investigate thermal-hydraulic parameters of the fuel rods under test condition in irradiation capsule and the effects of loading the capsule in Tehran research reactor core on the two plate-type fuel assemblies of TRR core which are placed adjacent to capsule.
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