Transport of proton beams in fast ignition in proton-boron-11 degenerate plasma

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In this study, the ignition conditions of proton-boron-11 fuel pellets by proton driverhave been investigated under degenerate conditions. For this purpose, it used a proton driver beam was accelerated by the TNSA method. First, the stopping power is calculated using the Li-Petrasso stopping-power then the fraction energy deposited proton beam in the proton-boron-11 fuel pellet was calculated. The optimum energy of proton beam is calculated about 1MeV by considering the confinement parameter ρR=20 g/cm2 and the numerical density ratio of boron-11 to proton equal ε=0.3. The obtained results show that at an electron temperature of about 500eV, the proton-beam driver with energy 1MeV deposits about 85% of its energy in the hot spot area in depth of 0.27μm from the surface of the fuel pellet to ignite the proton-boron-11 fuel pellet.
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