Studying the existence of quasi-bound state in KK ̅NN system

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In present work, the Faddeev AGS equations were solved in momentum representation for KK ̅NN four-body system with quantum numbers J=0 and I=0. The Faddeev calculations are based on the quasi-particle method and the method of the energy dependent pole expansion was used to obtain the separable representation for the integral kernels in the three- and four-body equations. Different types of K ̅N-πΣ potentials based on phenomenological and chiral SU(3) approaches were used. As a remarkable result of this investigation, it was found that the four-body KK ̅NN system is bound with a binding energy of B_(KK ̅NN)= 38-83 MeV and width of Γ_(KK ̅NN)=50-114 MeV.
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