Neutronic performance of accident tolerant fuels in system-integrated modular advanced reactor (SMART)

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After the Fukushima Daiichi, many methods have been considered to improve the neutronic and thermo-hyudraulic performance of the nuclear power plants. In this investigation, the system integrated modular advanced reactor (SMART) as a new innovative designed reactor is chosen as a case study. The commercial fuel (UO2) is changed with the U3Si2, UC, and UN to analyze the steady-state core parameters. The neutronic analysis of the reactor core is performed using the DRAGON/PARCS codes. The results predict the behavior of the core through the effective multiplication factor (Keff) versus effective full power days (EFPDs), which leads to a longer cycle length for the SMART core fueled with U3Si2 and UC about 51% and 29%, respectively. In addition, the fuel temperature coefficient (FTC) and moderator temperature coefficient (MTC) form a negative feedback effect.
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