Evaluation of GEANT4 and COMSOL Multiphysics coupling capabilities by simulation of an optimized betavoltaic battery

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عنوان دوره: اولین دوره بین المللی و بیست و هشتمین دوره ملی (1400)
In this research, we considered the isotropy of the incident beta particles, the self-absorption effect of the source, and the recombination effect on the performance of the betavoltaic nuclear battery by designing volumetric and coupling Geant4 and COMSOL Multiphysics. We developed a realistic model for optimizing betavoltaic battery design. For a case study of designing a planar betavoltaic battery That is, the mass thickness of radioisotope 63Ni is 1 mg/cm2, the doping concentration of the P-type region is 1×1019 cm-3 and that of N-type region is 3.16×1016 cm-3, the junction area is 1 cm2, the junction depth is 0.3 µm and the total thickness of the battery is 160 µm. We obtain maximum short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage, output power, and conversion efficiency, 563.8 nA, 0.301 V, 122.65 nW,and 6.06%, respectively. The results of the current study compared with two previous articles and the accuracy of the model is verified.
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