Phase space calculation of 6-MV Elekta Compact linear accelerator by GEANT4 simulation

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عنوان دوره: اولین دوره بین المللی و بیست و هشتمین دوره ملی (1400)
دانشکده علوم و فناوری های پیشرفته ،دانشگاه تحصیلات تکمیلی صنعتی و فناوری پیشرفته
In Monte Carlo simulation of medical electron accelerators with electron beam, the running time of program is high. For reduction of relative error less than 0.01%, instead of the electron source, the photon phase space is introduced. Phase space data includes the energy and angular spectrum of gamma rays are produced by electron beam interaction with target. The purpose of this study is to introduce the phase space of the Elekta Compact linear accelerator using GEANT4 toolkit. Then the total scatter factor (Scp) of Elekta Compact linear accelerator was calculated for phase space validation. Using phase space as a surface source can reduce GEANT4 toolkit execution time and increase accuracy of the dosimetry calculation. Results show that the introduced phase space is a suitable source for the dosimetry calculations of Elekta Compact linear accelerator.
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