Investigation of the use of Momentum and Galerkin weighting functions in High-order Nodal Expansion Method in order to solve the Neutron Diffusion Equation

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عنوان دوره: اولین دوره بین المللی و بیست و هشتمین دوره ملی (1400)
Today in nuclear reactor calculations, researchers are looking for methods that, in addition to the acceptable accuracy, have optimal calculation cost. One of the ways to increase the accuracy of calculations without reducing the node size in the nodal expansion method is the use of suitable weighting functions. In this study, after discretization of the neutron diffusion equation and adjoint with high-order nodal expansion method in two dimensions and two energy groups, calculations with Momentum and Galerkin weighting functions for rectangular geometry (BIBLIS-2D) and hexagonal geometry (IAEA-2D) reactors are performed.
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