Calculation of one year old child absorbed dose in 18F-DOPA and 68Ga-EDTA PET imaging using reference voxel phantom and GATE code

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Evaluation the absorbed dose in children is essential to prevent irreversible damage because children's organs are more sensitive to radiation than adults due to their high growth rate. Therefore, in this study, the absorbed dose of organs in one-year-old male were evaluated for the two radiopharmaceuticals 18F-DOPA and 68Ga-EDTA used in PET imaging. The one-year-old child reference voxel phantom and the Monte Carlo GATE code were used to accomplish this. Among the tissues studied, the urinary bladder wall, kidneys and prostate have the highest absorbed dose. Comparing the choice of this phantom with the stylized phantoms of a one-year-old child, due to the precise structure of this phantom from the anatomy of the body, can provide more accurate values of the absorbed dose of the organs.
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