Investigation of Structure and Nuclear Shape Phase Transition in Odd Nuclei in a multi-j model

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In this paper‎, ‎we study the nature of the dynamics in second-order Quantum Phase Transition (QPT) between vibrational (UBF (5) ) and gamma-unstable (OBF(6)) nuclear shapes‎. ‎Using a transitional Hamiltonian according to an affine SU(1,1) algebra in combination with a coherent state formalism, Shape Phase Transitions (SPT) in odd-nuclei in the framework of Interacting Boson Fermion Model (IBFM) are investigated‎. ‎Classical analysis reveals a change in the system along transition in critical point‎. ‎The role of a fermion with angular momentum j at the critical point on quantum phase transitions in bosonic systems is investigated via semi-classical approach‎. ‎The effect of the coupling of the odd particle to an even-even boson core is discussed along the shape transition and‎, ‎in particular‎, ‎at the critical point‎.
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