Simulation of silver nanoparticle radio-sensitized tumor and evaluation of dose enhancement in proton therapy

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Treatment of radio-sensitized tumor is one of the promising modalities in radiotherapy. Therefore, in this study, Monte Carlo simulations are applied to investigate the dose enhancement, and the influential factors in proton therapy of silver nanoparticle radio-sensitized tumor. A slab head phantom with a homogenized AgNPs aided tumor was considered to simulate proton therapy in brain tissue. Monte Carlo simulation is performed by MCNPX code to assess dose and its enhancement in a radio-sensitized tumor by AgNPs using proton therapy. Dose and its enhancements are calculated for proton beams with several energies. This work demonstrates several percentage of dose enhancement in tumor and much more dose reduction after the tumor site can be achieved when Ag is used as a sensitizing agent with a SOBP beam. These effects will be improved by increasing Ag concentration.
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