Effect of reinforcement phase loading on the dosimetry response of a Polycarbonate/Bismuth Oxide nanocomposite for beta particles

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In this experimental work, Polycarbonate/Bismuth Oxide (PC-Bi2O3) nanocomposites were prepared in various concentrations of 0, 30, and 50 wt% with thicknesses of 1 mm and irradiated by a pure beta-emitter source of 90Sr. To fabricate the electrodes, copper sheets with thickness of 100 µm were attached to the top and bottom surfaces of the samples using the silver paste. Then, electric current as the dosimetry response was measured at various dose rates ranging from 30-102 mSv/h at a fixed voltage of 400 V using an electrometer. Results showed that increasing the Bi2O3 wt% led to improvement in the dosimetry response linearly at various dose rates. Also, the amounts of sensitivities for the samples of 0, 30, and 50 wt% were measured as 20.3, 28.6, and 33.3 nC·mSv-1·cm-3, respectively. Regarding the mechanism of beta interaction with a polymer-heavy metal oxide nanocomposite, the Bremsstrahlung radiation can be considered as a dominant effect.
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