Removal of Th(IV) ions from aqueous solution using newly developed bi-component bio-based adsorbents

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An immobilized hybrid bi-component bio-based adsorbent (IHBBA) was developed by hybridizing two well-known biosorbents (brown seaweed, Cystoseira indica, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast) and evaluated for its ability to remove thorium from aqueous solution. The effect of parameters namely pH, adsorbent amount, contact time, and initial thorium (IV) ion solution concentration were studied in the batch scale. pH value of 4.0, initial metal ion concentration of 250 mg L-1, bio-adsorbent amount of 1.0 g L-1, and ‌sorption duration of 120 minutes were proven to be the optimum conditions, for Th(IV) ions removal from aqueous solutions. In these conditions, the sorption capacity of IHBBA for thorium removal was 120 mg g-1.
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