Preparation and Characterization of Nano porous Silica Glasses for Nuclear waste Immobilization

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In order to nuclear waste immobilization, crystallization and phase separation of glass composition with addition of Mo2O3 have been investigated. At first, base glass composition prepared by melting of raw pure materials and above-mentioned additive in an alumina crucible at 1400OC for 3 hrs. and casting in a metal mold. Mo2O3 was added in constant values of 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 mole%. XRD analysis carried out to ensure that no crystalline phases are formed. Then heat treatment was performed in temperature intervals of 620, 650, 680 and 710°C. SEM was used to phase separation study. The acid leaching process of phase separated glasses was performed. Porosity analyzes and measurement of specific surface area of BET were performed on acid leached samples. The results show that the highest porosity volume was related to the sample containing 1.5 Mole% Mo2O3 with two acid washing steps.
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