Optimization Design and Simulation of a betavoltaic nuclear battery based on Sr/Y-90 with MCNP/Geant4 codes

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Betavoltaic battery is a device that converts the energy deposition due to the decay energy of beta emitting radioisotopes into electricity. In this paper, we have designed and simulated an optimized betavoltaic battery based on Sr/Y-90. Simulation is performed with multiple calculation codes. MCNP, Geant4 and MATLAB computational codes are used to calculate the final output of the this battery. These codes are used for calculation of the deposited energy from beta particles and generated electron-hole pair in the semiconductor. Simulation results are compared with experimental results and prove to be accurate. Circular monocrystal silicon PIN diode with thicknesses of 500 micrometers in 0.5 cm radius and Sr/Y-90 radioisotope with 10 mCi activity is used in both simulation and experimental setup. As compared to experimental results, the findings indicate the high accuracy of the simulation.
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