Designing a Multi-Layer Neutron Shield and its Performance Evaluation using MCNP6

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This study considers points to induce the optimization neutron protecting plan of a combined shield structure. The neutron transmission coefficient with different energies for the distinctive thickness of iron and polyethylene combined shield structure was calculated by utilizing the Monte Carlo strategy. The reenactment comes about to appear that the optimization effect of iron/polyethylene combined shield isn't self-evident when the neutron energy is low or the shield is thin, there is an optimal thickness proportion of iron to polyethylene embraced to induce the most excellent neutron protecting execution when the energy of neutron source is over 2 MeV and the overall thickness of combined protecting structure is more than 20 cm. The optimal thickness ratio of iron and polyethylene simulated in this paper can provide a theoretical reference for the design of a combined shield of iron and polyethylene in radiation protection.
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