Statistical fluctuations of E2 transition rates in 156-158Gd and 166-168Er isotopes

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In this study, we investigated the statistical fluctuations of the electric quadrupole transition probabilities of 156-158Gd and 166-168Er. T Sequences are prepared by using all the available experimental data of this inter-band of quadrupole transitions between different levels of the ground band. We used the least square method in MATLAB software to extract the parameter of the Porter-Thomas distribution function in these sequences. The results suggest correlated statistics for both 166-168Er isotopes which are located in the middle of closed proton shells and classified as the prolate deformed nuclei which have axial symmetry. Also, for the Gd isotopes, our results show a deviation from the GOE limit and a regular behavior in their transitions. This uncorrelated behavior is significant for the 156Gd isotope and can relate to the gamma-unstable nature of this isotope.
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