Calculation of Magnetic Field Effects on Dose Distribution, Inside a Heterogeneous Phantom, in MR-Guided Helium Ion-Therapy Using FLUKA Monte Carlo Simulation Code

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Helium-ion therapy, is being developed because of its advantages such as less lateral scattering than protons and fewer nuclear fragments than carbon beams. The idea of using magnetic resonance imaging to guide helium-ion therapy raises challenges, including dose disturbances in the patient's body that occurs due to the deviation of the initial beam under a magnetic field. In this work, the impact of magnetic field presence on the central axis depth-dose curves of helium ion beams inside a heterogeneous phantom with air and bone layers was investigated. According to the calculations, presence of the magnetic field has an important impact on dose distribution of helium beams depending on the field strength and beam energy. As a 32.3% abrupt increase and 92.5% reduction in dose were observed at the boundary between the water-air and the water-bone layer insert, respectively. The accuracy of the simulation evaluated by experimental data.
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