Human absorbed Dose estimation of 99mTc-MAX based on biodistribution data in mice

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In this work, the absorbed dose evaluated from human organs for the novel 99mTc-MAX agent based on balb/c mice biodistribution data. The designed ligand with chelating properties was synthesized by the reaction between the two substances Chloroacetamide and xanthate. Then, the labeling process was performed successfully with 99mTc by 93% radiochemical purity in the laboratory. biodistribution of the labeled complex in balb/c mice up to 24 hours post-injection was examined and therefore the human absorbed dose of 99mTc-MAX was calculable by the radiation dose assessment resource methodology. The liver is that the vital organ with a dose of 0.0011 mGy/MBq. According to these results. The novel 99mTc-MAX agent can be a potentially effective imaging agent for the hepatic system.
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