Study on the Production of Cr-coated Zr-1%Nb tubes as an ATF evolutionary cladding candidate

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After some accidents like TMI and Fukushima, the belief that nuclear fuels can safely and reliably be used up to 65 MW.d/kgU was revised. Different short to long term concepts started to be assessed more seriously. Among those, Cr-coated cladding tubes were taken into consideration as a promising remedy for the short term perspectives. Various efforts to evaluate important aspects of such designs have been implemented and some are yet under accomplishment. In this study, an optimized PVD coating condition, from the defect density viewpoint, for applying Cr and CrN coating layers up 10 microns on typical VVER-1000 cladding tubes (Zr-1%Nb) have been obtained. SEM results approved improvements, and further modification has been postponed till the finalizing the performance examinations in normal operational and accidental conditions. Additionally, list of required tests, from characterizations to mechanical and performance experiments, in order to qualify the applicability of such coated samples are suggested.
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