Simulation and fabrication of an alpha-radioluminescence nuclear battery using Am-241

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In this paper we have designed and simulated an alpha-radioluminescence nuclear battery based on Am-241 source and ZnS:Cu phosphor material using MCNP/MATLAB/SILVACO hybrid code and compared it with experimental results. The effective parameters on output of battery include type and activity of source, thickness of phosphor material, thickness of semiconductor and doping concentrations. The experimental parameters include Am-241 source with 1.1 mCi activity, ZnS:Cu with different thicknesses of 50, 100 and 150 micrometers and Silicon semiconductor with thickness of 50 micrometers. To investigate the accuracy of simulation we used same parameters as experimental setup. The obtained values of open circuit voltage from simulation are close to the values from experiment, which shows the great accuracy of the hybrid code for simulation of nuclear batteries.
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