Turbulence Effect on the Growth of the Electromagnetic Instability Modes in the Fast Ignition Scheme

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In the fast ignition scheme of the inertial confinement fusion process, turbulence plays a significant role in the energy deposition mechanism and the implosion of the target plasma. In this paper, the growth of electromagnetic modes observation in the turbulent plasma that formed as the result of power laser beam interaction with fusion fuel is analyzed. The results show that the maximum instability growth rate for the purely transverse mode is about 0.01 times higher than that of the transverse-longitudinal coupled mode. The body stress threshold for the instability of the transverse-longitudinal coupled mode is 0.83 times the shear stress threshold. Decreasing the density gradient of plasma toward the fuel core, the stress threshold is increasing, and the range of the propagation angles of growing modes is limited. Increasing steps of the density gradient of the fuel in the low-density corona, the electromagnetic instability occurs at a higher stress flow.
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