Preparation of 188Re-HYNIC-Bombesin as a novel agent for prostate cancer therapy

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The Bombesin (BBN) peptide has a high affinity to bind to gastrin - releasing peptide receptors (GRPRs) which is highly expressed in the prostate cancer. Radionuclide therapy with rhenium - 188 (188Re), due to its proper physical properties, as well as its availability as the 188 W / 188 Re generator, creates advantages that can be well used to develop this labeled compound for therapeutic goals . In this study, preparation, quality control and biostribution of 188 Re - HYNIC - Bombesin were studied. The results of quality control showed radiochemical purity above 95 % using high - performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and Radio thin layer chromatography (RTLC). This complex was observed to be stable in the blood serum over 24 h. The results of biological distribution showed that this radiopharmaceutical is significantly absorbed in the prostate and can be considered as a possible radiopharmaceutical agent for prostate cancer therapy.
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