Inverse-β reaction modeling in the surface of palladium metal hydride using Feynman equations

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Neutrons have an important role such as initiator and actioner in the nuclear interactions. There are different methods and processes for neutron production. One of the most important neutron production processes is based on weak nuclear interactions. In this research, a new method for calculating the rate of neutron production is introduced in the conversion of proton into neutron using inverse-β reaction phenomenon. This method is based on Feynman equations and is more understandable and simple compared to other methods. The Feynman equations method is based on using the simple Feynman diagram instead of the complex equations. In fact, a compressed Feynman diagram is used for these complex equations to calculate the neutron production rate. In this method, firstly the scattering amplitude of the desired interaction is determined and then using the obtained results for the scattering amplitude, the neutron production rate is obtained.
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