Gamma ray shielding study of light to heavyweight concretes

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Concretes are the most common shielding materials, that are commonly used against ionizing radiations especially gamma rays and neutrons. In this work linear and mass attenuation coefficients, half and tenth value layers parameters of eight types concretes of ordinary, hematite–serpentine, serpentine, ilmenite–limonite, basalt–magnetite, barite, steel-scrap and steel–magnetite concretes were determined at 316.51, 468.07, 511, 662, 1173 and 1332 keV gamma ray energies using MCNP-4C Code and WinXCom program and were compared with available experimental data. The MCNP-4C Code and WinXCom program results were in good agreement with each other and the percentage differences were found to be less than ±1.9%. The percentage differences between calculated and experimental values of HVL and TVL range from -2.94% to 15.45%. The percentage differences were found to be less than 3% for ordinary concrete and less than 5% for barite concrete at 1332 keV gamma ray energy. MCNP-4C results showed better agreement with experimental data in comparison with WinXCom program.
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