The Legal Regime Governing Compensation for Nuclear Damage in Iran and its Prospects

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At present, the legal system governing nuclear activities in Iran is the general legal regime of civil liability. According to this system, the person/persons who causing damage are liable for compensation and the damage incurred must be fully compensated. The persons involved in nuclear activities have no duty to provide insurance for potential damages arising from their nuclear activities. Causes of actions regarding incurred nuclear damages are not subject to any time limit. Like other nuclear countries, the general legal regime of civil liability would not be appropriate to compensate such damages, and this was the main reason that, led Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, as the competent governing body, put drafting of a special law on civil liability for nuclear damage on its agenda and to this end formed a special working group. Now the draft is in approximately final phase of it preparation and it is scheduled to be sent to the cabinet in the form of a bill in the near future and if approved will submit to the parliament for its ratification.
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