Thermal-hydraulics investigation of new generation TVS-2M fuel in Bushehr VVER-1000 reactor

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The aim of this paper is to investigate the Thermal-hydraulics parameters of the VVER-1000 reactor core of Bushehr nuclear power plant by replacing the new generation of TVS-2M fuel assemblies (FAs) with current standard FAs (AFA) into the reactor core. TVS-2M fuel is the Russian newly proposed fuel assembly which contains gadolinium-oxide is mixed with UO2 by different gadolinium density and U-235 enrichments. In such manner, thermohydraulic modelling is done by a new method based on porous grids, porous media approach. This technique is created to make the conservation equations by means of porosity concept within the control volume method. Results show, according to the balanced axial temperature distribution into the core, the axial coolant temperature in the TVS-2M hottest fuel assembly is lower than in AFA fuel assembly. Also, the radial temperature distribution in the center of the hottest fuel rod in TVS-2M fuel assembly is lower than AFA fuel assembly.
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